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Have you ever read online articles or blog posts on how some people make it look so easy to set up a landing page and then get tens of thousands of people signing up?

Then you try to do the same thing, but end up just getting a few visitors to sign up…or none at all. It’s frustrating because of all the work you put into it, not to mention your expectations blown. Seems like you just can’t get the number of subscribers or fans you’d like.

The reason?

You’re going about it all wrong. Listen, I know what it’s like, because I used to struggle getting subscribers to my earlier newsletters. And it’s not your fault.  It’s just that you were never shown the psychology used behind all the successful website owners. All that changes right now… 

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thesec_copyIntroducing “The Secret to Creating High Converting Compelling Landing Pages in 7 Easy Steps,” a 100+ page guide that’s jam-packed with everything you need to know to create mesmerizing, high-converting landing pages (A.K.A. Opt-in pages or Squeeze pages). You know how others slap up a “Subscribe to Our Newsletter” form maybe with a short blurb or video? Well, here’s what I do differently: I use a variety of persuasion techniques that include NLP, hypnosis, involvement devices, and powerful psychological motivators.

You see, it didn’t take me long to realize that those other solutions don’t work all that well because they don’t make a compelling case for a website visitor to hand over his or her email and contact information.  

That’s why I decided to create a guide that includes insider information that actually makes your website visitors eager to give you their contact information AND be contacted again (with promotions). We’ve created a series of techniques that combine what works online with a variety of potent persuasion tactics and mesmerizing involvement devices.

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We tested these landing pages, and they converted so many more visitors than traditional landing pages and other opt-in techniques. That’s no fluke.

We then shared this strategy with others, and they got similar results as we did. Listen, this compelling strategy worked for us, it’s worked for others, and it will work for you too so you can finally enjoy reaching the number of satisfied subscribers, loyal fans and affluent customers you’ve always dreamed of.

The Secret to Creating High Converting Guerilla Landing Pages in 7 Easy Steps is absolutely crammed with sensational information you can use right away.

Let’s take a look inside this valuable guide…

  • You’ll discover the easy seven-step system for setting up as many highly-converting landing pages as you want to suit your purposes
  • You’ll find out how to get visitors to your landing page emotionally excited to give you their contact information without question. (It’s easier than you think!)
  • The secret to making visitors become deeply involved in the content of your landing page. (I can’t wait for you to try this strategy!)
  • Why creating hypnotic content and trance-inducing content on your page is VITAL. (I guarantee your competitors aren’t using these methods at all.)
  • Find out a surprising way to get visitors to trust you… even if they’ve never heard of you before!
  • A simple method to present your content practically nobody else is using that will easily get you MORE visitors and sign-ups than the usual landing page.
  • What marketers aren’t telling you about the correct way to use autoresponders. I will show you the most effective sequence and how to avoid paying $20 a month for an autoresponder service using FREE and low-cost autoresponders.
  • You’ll find out how to use the “Crystal Ball Technique.” This is where you predict your visitors’ futures if they don’t sign up. (If this doesn’t get a visitor to sign up, almost nothing will. This technique is dynamite!)
  • A wonderful way to condense your persuasive content into diamond-tight clarity that will surely motivate your visitors
  • Use subliminal advertising techniques on your landing page (visual, auditory, state changing). The ethics of exploiting these techniques is up to you, but I’ll present them so you can decide if you want to use them
  • A few new secret tricks and selected strategies to drive steady traffic to your landing page and some tried-and-true ways with up-to-date  variations
  • PLUS…ways to transform your current landing page into one that seizes and shakes your visitors to SIGN UP NOW!

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